topping from the bottom

I’ve been getting in to rope a bit more so Mister mentioned that he would let me tie him up; and so I asked if that was permitted and if it  was the right thing to do.

 Because I am a dominant I shouldn’t let you tie me up?  

I don’t know you tell me, is that “protocolly correct”   (Yes! It seems I invented my own word)

Yes, with the understanding that you remember your place, and do not to look at it as topping or dominating but as a gift or reward.

which brings me to another concept called topping from the bottom. which is when the submissive tries to take control of a situation, through little actions or suggestions.

so he made it very clear that even though I am tying him up, HE IS STILL IN CONTROL

I don’t think I would ever want to top from the bottom when it comes to him anyway. I’m  perfectly happy with my role

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