a little OCD

I had time to digest the other days conversation with mister, the next morning after saying my usual good morning he replied by asking what I thought about things. I responded that I was still thinking but that I was waiting for the answer to my question

he said “explain pollito”

“I want to know what you mean by “give yourself completely, I’m trying to read the fine print before I agree to anything”

“your mind body and soul, I thought that was clear”

“ok mister”

“ok what?”

“I just wanted to be clear I heard correctly”

“and you did”

I told Mr. j that no one has ever asked me to  do that before, and I didn’t know what giving my mind body and soul looks like, so I Google and found a definition copied, pasted it and send it to him:

Giving someone your mind body and soul is exactly what it sounds like. Submission to their will. Their wants, whims, desires, however you’d like to phrase it. It’s submission. When you consciously force yourself to think of a person, you give them your mind. When you disregard your physical needs you give them your body. And when you let their spiritual views become your own, they’ve entered your spirit and you’ve given them your soul. You’ve submitted yourself to them to be shaped how they will.

and asked “is this what you mean?”

“uh huh, and?”

finally I said “I’m a little OCD I don’t mean to keep asking I just figure if I know in detail what you expect then I could plan accordingly and wont make mistakes”

“I understand that, do you think you are ready”

for what mister?

“for everything”

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