So much for my search….

I’ve been topping like crazy, strap-on sessions being a main attraction, hey! I enjoy it so more power to me **giggles “literally” anyways…

From time to time I venture into the personals of Craig’s list hoping I could maybe find a top or dominant to have a spanking session, specifically me being the bottom. I replied to one post in particular and we’ve been conversing for the last couple of weeks.

I learned he’s a submissive who is looking to experience what is like to be on the other side and maybe make the transition to a dominant role but is having trouble finding people.  I could relay because I’ve been at that same place before, trying to make the transition and not knowing where to start anyways, to make the story short I offered to serve as mentoring bottom, he could practice on me and learn.  We ended up exchange Fet profiles and short after he mentioned he was into pegging and that he’s seen pics of my strap-ons on the profile and he would love to be used by me. This brought a smile to my face so I said he will only get to experience one side of me either as a bottom or as a top/ Domme/ strap-on queen, so what will it be?
and you know what he said “I’m just a natural born submissive and my place is at a woman’s feet”
I replied -Then that’s where you should be… Always

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