how to turn a cuddle session into a topping session?

About 30 mins into the session you casually mention that you really feel like choking him and when he offers, you but the motherfucker on his knees and you go Ham. *smile

No! to be more exact things don’t turn that direction so abruptly, is more like the person is a bit shocked by the bunt statement and even a little curious so naturally he will dig for more information.

in the sweetest voice you can manage you say
“well, I think you have a lovely neck it would please me a great deal to feel my hands around it, pull on your hair, maybe even slap you on the face a little”

I want to please you…

try to act surprise “really? so you want to try?”

you direct him to a kneeling position, the reason I do this is because number one he’s super tall and I need to be comfortable and second, is a position of power, he’s kneeling before me, I’m the one in control.

I stood in front of him and say… “you ready” and I smiled

I swigged and missed, on purpose of course and giggle about it, I don’t want to scared him, I like to fully enjoy myself and that means that the person has to have a good time too, I’m sending him a message that is not that serious, that he could relax and let go and at this time you can also gagged his response.

then you invade his space getting real close to him as you put your hands in his hair and you pull.

“put your hands behind your back”
“yes what”
-yes Ma’am
“good boy”

by this point his mesmerize he’s looking at you waiting for what’s going to happen next
I love giving funny safe words

“your safe word is baby cock, if at any point you want me to stop and you no longer want to continue, just say the words”

anyways I don’t want to make this post long as hell… but you get the deal

another thing I would like to add is that I love to keep the conversation flowing, I want to know what he’s thinking, I would ask if he likes it. and made him thank me for every slap I gave him.

“thank you mistress may I have another” was music to my ears
I really enjoyed my time.

Is a shame I didn’t premeditate it, If I knew things would turn out like this I would have brought some tools with me. Maybe next time…

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