tuesday night

It was close to midnight when I finally arrived Tuesday night and S was already expecting me, since I would be staying with him for the next couple of days. I was excited about playing with him and finally having a session because I really needed it. Mister J asked me several times to not play with S but this was something that’s been set up for a long time and plus I gave him my word so  I needed to go through with it.

I didn’t have plans to go see Mr. J but I wanted to be honest this time and tell him that I was around even thou I had a session set up with S the next day. He texted several times while I was on the road asking where I was, and asked to see me once I got in. I try making up excuses, but knowing that he was so close, made it irresistible for me. I told S what was going on, but he said No because he had work early the next day and needed to set the alarm and go to bed said something about “why didn’t he came by and waited for you to get here When he lives 2 minutes away from me”

I sensed that something was off between them, but when I asked, Mister said he didn’t have a problem with him but it  annoyed him that he would make it difficult for me to come out to see him. We made jokes back an forth about being a prisoner and climbing out  the window to sneak off and see him. But on a more serious note order me to come to him at 7am  And emphasize “I better not be late”.  The anticipation was killing me, I tost and turned all night unable to sleep. but set up an alarm to make sure I woke up within a reasonable amount of time.

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